Plainville Farms® is the uncommon natural* and certified organic turkey and deli brand that families have trusted for generations. Raised by dedicated family farmers, our turkey products are known for their wholesome flavor and for the way they warm up a table. With roots dating back almost two hundred years, generations of family farming have taught us to raise flocks ethically and transparently. Unlike many conventional farms, we never ever administer antibiotics. Instead, our practices promote health and well-being to prevent our flocks from getting sick. We only feed our flocks a high-quality, fortified diet of vegetarian grains in a stress-free environment in accordance with our highest standards. You can taste these differences in the products you enjoy all year round. Our products and recipes make it easy!

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We’ve been passionate about raising uncommonly great-tasting turkey for generations. With roots dating back almost two hundred years, our family farmers are committed to the highest standards in animal welfare. We are proud to provide quality poultry you’ll feel great feeding your family.

We raise our poultry on family farms in a stress-free environment, using holistic practices to promote their well-being. Generations of family farming have taught us how to keep poultry healthy without ever having to administer antibiotics. With access to feed and clean water on their own schedules, our flocks never know hunger. They always have plenty of room to roam in clean, comfortable barns.

Our family farmers care about the environment. We embrace sustainable practices and use renewable resources whenever we can. We are committed to near-zero waste and only source paperboard from well-managed forests that have been certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI).

We have the highest standards of quality and transparency from farm to fork. We never ever use antibiotics, added growth hormones** or steroids, and all our products are natural and certified organic. We regularly open our gates to third party verification to ensure our quality standards are being met.

We are proud to provide incredible quality control that starts at the farm and ends at your table. Our quality assurance procedures make sure that every Plainville Farms® product is as good as you expect, every time.


“In the past 15 years of Thanksgiving dinners, this was by far the BEST TURKEY EVER! Flavorful, moist, meaty, non-fat-excellent! Preparation instructions were very easy to follow. Thanks for making our meal a success! We loved it!”

Shaker Heights, Ohio