About our natural* and organic products

Yes, only our certified organic turkey are free-range. We raise all of our turkeys in naturally-ventilated barns where they have ample space to roam. These buildings provide them with shelter from weather extremes, protection from diseases that wild fowl carry, and easy access to fresh feed and water on demand. By providing a free roaming atmosphere, temperature-controlled housing, and plenty of feed and water, our turkeys thrive well in a stress-free environment. They are free to roam, but protected from environmental stresses.
Our organic line is non-GMOs [genetically modified organisms], since our organic feed is non-GMO. We cannot make a non-GMO claim for our natural* line, although our goal is to always avoid sourcing feed that contains GMOs when possible. 
A “natural*” label on turkey means the product has only been minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients. 

Government regulations specify the requirements which include that a certified organic turkey must be kept free range, never given antibiotics, and fed a vegetarian diet containing certified organic grains.

Never. Government regulations prohibit their use.
We feed our flocks a balanced diet of foretified vegetarian grains on demand so they never know hunger. No artificial additives, animal fats or by-products are ever used in our feed. Our certified organic flocks are fed only non-GMO (genetically modified organisims) organic-certified grains in accordance with government regulations.
Yes. Turkey does not include gluten. Our turkey deli meats are gluten-free and casein-free. However, our turkey gravy and homestyle dressing contain wheat. Please read the ingredients labels and get in touch with us with any ingredient or allergy questions.
We don’t use Roxarsone (an arsenical compound found in many conventional feeds) in our feeds and never have.
There is no difference in taste, moistness, or tenderness between a hen or a tom. The main difference between hens and toms is size. Hens typically run 10-18 lbs. while Toms run from 18-35 lbs.
At Plainville Farms®, our practices meet or exceed the industry standard as outlined by the National Turkey Federation. Our turkeys are raised humanely in a stress-free environment, and our programs are audited by outside entities recognized as top authorities on animal welfare. Please click here for more information.
You can find retailers that carry Plainville products here or call us at 800-724-0206 to locate a store near you.
We recommend one to 1-1/2 pounds of uncooked turkey per person for a whole bird presentation. This will allow enough for the holiday feast and leftovers for much-loved turkey sandwiches.
Roasting time depends on size. The general rule is about 15 minutes per pound for an unstuffed Plainville Farms® turkey roasted at 325°F. Tent your turkey with foil so the breast remains moist while the turkey cooks through. Remove the foil about an hour before you expect the turkey will be finished so the outside browns evenly. Some of our turkeys have pop-up timers that will tell you when they’re done cooking, but we always recommend double checking that the internal temperature is 175°F.
A frozen turkey can be kept in a 0º freezer indefinitely provided it’s in its original wrapping and has never been defrosted.
It’s best to keep your fresh turkey in the coldest part of your refrigerator – bottom shelf in back.  Best to prepare by "Sell By" Date on box or price sticker.
Gravy should be used within five days of being removed from the freezer. If gravy comes as part of a dinner kit, follow the date on the dinner kit box.
Dressing should be used within five days of being removed from the freezer. If dressing comes as part of a dinner kit, follow the date on the dinner kit box.