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Start Your Own Turkey Taco Tradition

Posted on December 3, 2012 in Comfort Articles Flavorful Ideas Ground Turkey Articles Kid-Friendly Plain Talk

turkey tacos

Whether it’s Taco Tuesday or a simple Friday night at home with the family, kids and adults can agree that tacos are always a crowd pleaser. Provide a few delicious fillers so that each family member can customize his own and dinner is served. Start with ground Plainville Farms turkey and there are a number of ways to season things up. Here are a few of our favorite ideas to spice up your taco bar.

Give ’em Some Pep: From jalapenos to habaneros to smokey chipotles, there are lots of different peppers to spice up your tacos. Chop up several different types and taste the difference. Warning, after chopping spicy peppers, make sure to keep your fingers far from your eyes. The oils that carry the spice will remain on them for a few hours! (Better yet, use gloves when chopping and still wash those hands thoroughly!)

Say Cheeses: Cheddar and Monterey Jack are mainstream cheese choices, but you can push the envelope a little further. Crumble up salty cotija or feta cheese or add grated jalapeno jack to your table.

Go Salsa Crazy: There are so many different types of salsa in grocery stores these days, it’s almost impossible to choose one. That’s exactly why you shouldn’t have to. Offer a variety of  three salsas at your taco bar including one fresh salsa (you can make it yourself or find in the deli section of most markets), something fruity like pineapple or mango salsa and an extra smokey or spicy favorite. In addition to spooning onto prepared tacos, these are great for seasoning ground turkey as you’re browning it up for the meal.

Veg Out: Crisp fresh vegetables are a great complement to meaty ground turkey inside a taco shell. While chopped tomatoes and lettuce are classic additions, crisp cabbage slaw prepared with red and green cabbage, cilantro, red onions and a squeeze of lime juice is an easy upgrade. Of course, shredded jicama, sliced radishes and minced green onion are others not to be overlooked.

Make the Outside Matter: It used to be that tacos had one type of shell. Now you can choose from the classic crispy corn crescent to flour, yellow corn, white corn and more. Look for herbed and spiced tortilla shells if you want to work that flavor from the outside in. Pick at least one crisp shell and one or two soft tortillas to add variety to the meal. Chances are, everyone will experiment with at least two or three when the fillings are this delectable.