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Delicious Braised Turkey

Posted on December 13, 2012 in Comfort Articles Flavorful Ideas Gluten Free Articles How To's Plain Talk

braised turkey leg

As the temperature dips and night falls in the middle of the afternoon, there’s one thing that keeps things warm and cozy in the kitchen–an aromatic simmering pot. Braising–cooking for a long time over a low heat in a small amount of liquid–is perfect for this time of the year. All you need is a large heavy bottomed pot or Dutch oven with a fitted lid and a cut that takes well to long cooking times. As luck would have it, turkey leg–drumstick, thigh or both–is ideal for any classic braised dish. Don’t believe us? Swap it into these classics and you’ll taste what we’re talking about.

Osso Bucco: Traditionally prepared with veal shanks, this rich dish turns out delightfully with Plainville Farms turkey leg. Start it off by browning the turkey leg, then adding plenty of onions, carrots and garlic.  Pour in some red wine and turkey stock and thicken with a dollop of tomato paste. Add a few sprigs of oregano, thyme and bay leaves for seasoning and simmer until fork tender.

Carnitas: Often the filling of the best burritos and tacos, this Mexican braised pork recipe takes on a new spin with turkey thigh. Start it on the stove top to brown and finish it off in the oven with extra garlic, chili powder and cumin and just a little bit of chicken or turkey stock in the pan. After a few hours at 350ºF, the outside will be crispy and the inside will be moist, juicy and falling of the bone. Shred it up and enjoy with your favorite salsa, shredded cabbage slaw and cilantro in a warm corn tortilla.

Cacciatore: Move over chicken, this popular Italian American dish is poised to be an even bigger hit with turkey in the mix. Start with well-browned turkey thigh and add some onions, red peppers and mushrooms to the pan. Pour in a little red or white wine and some turkey or chicken broth and time to step back and let the flavors happen. Check back in a few hours and finish off the dish with some fresh basil or parsley and serve over brown rice. Not one to improvise? This Cacciatore Recipe is simply delish!

Turkey Chili Con Carne: Swap ground turkey for ground beef for this all time family favorite. Brown up crumbled ground turkey with onions, garlic and lots of green peppers. Season with chili powder and a little cocoa powder, then pour in some crushed tomatoes. Simmer with some pinto beans and tomato paste and prepare to enjoy.