Caring Makes a Difference

Animal Welfare

When Plainville Farms started way back in 1835 no one talked about antibiotic free this or organic that. Pesticides, antibiotics and growth hormones just weren’t part of the mix. Then, along came modern science and things changed. Some farmers thought using these short cut methods would help them grow their business, and you know what? Some of them were right.

The thing is, we’re not industrial farmers and we’re not interested in growing so big that we can’t care for the animals that support us. That’s what makes us different.

Nowadays Plainville Farms is recognized as one of the first turkey companies in the country to humanely grow healthy and great-tasting turkeys. And we’ve got a pretty big following of our own. You’d better believe that those big companies are taking note. So go ahead; call us old-fashioned. We’ll take it as a compliment.