Doing Things Right, Naturally

turkey farms

Plain and simple, these are our rules:

Our turkeys must be treated well.

Our humanely raised turkeys are grown by experienced farmers who follow strict animal welfare standards. The turkeys are free-roaming in well-ventilated barns, offering more room than those of factory-raised birds. Plainville Farms turkeys eat and drink on their schedules, not ours. Their diet is what they would choose naturally along with plenty of well water. Turkeys are vegetarians, so we believe it is wrong to feed them animal byproducts. Also wrong? Giving antibiotics to healthy animals. We would never do it. Everything we do is designed to make their environment as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

We also raise organic turkeys year round. To be a certified organic, a turkey must be free range, antibiotic free, and fed a vegetarian diet containing grains that have been certified organic. Certified organic grains are defined as those free of synthetic chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, not using any genetically modified organisms, and grown on farmland that has been chemical free for at least three years. An organic turkey also must be minimally processed, no artificial ingredients.

Because animal welfare is such an important tenet to us, we don’t simply do internal audits, we use external third party audits to assure that our animal welfare practices meet or exceed the highest possible standards.

Sustainable farming is the only way.

There’s lots of talk about sustainability and environmental stewardship these days. To those folks we say, “Welcome to the party.” Long before those were buzzwords, they were our practices. Keeping the land healthy and productive is important to our animals, our team members, and our communities. We take steps every day to maintain sustainability practices. For example, we compost animal waste thereby enriching our soil, reducing agricultural runoff, and protecting our water supply. And we use eco-friendly packaging, which reduces our carbon footprint, both in landfill space, and by reducing fuel costs during transit.

We are proud stewards of our land and our goal to keep it in tiptop shape for at least another six generations.

Food safety is a priority.

Plainville’s Total Quality Control approach ensures that each person is trained and accountable for his or her work. On-site Quality Control Leaders assure that quality standards are communicated and met. The Quality Control Leaders make numerous daily checks at critical points, as well as monitor rigorous temperature and sanitation programs.

Plainville Farms works closely with the inspectors from the United States Department of Agriculture. Plainville team members and Federal inspectors check each bird processed for health and wholesomeness.

Plainville Farms’ total integration is unique in the industry and allows us to address food safety at all levels – the growing of the turkeys, the processing of the meat, and distribution of the turkey products. Feed ingredients are procured from safe sources and monitored. Strict cooling and code dating guidelines are followed. The plant is meticulously maintained, with work surfaces being cleaned and sanitized throughout the day. All fresh products are held at 34° F and frozen products below 10° F.